Light Painting by Julian Cash

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If you want to work with us on a project involving event portrait photography, you have come to the right place! If you have a different project in mind click here to see our other services.

Having us take photos at your event is fully unique. Yes, we make incredible photographs. But it's the experience that makes people rave about us. We are a star attraction at any event where we create light painting photographs. We help make the event spectacular.

Your guests will be blown away by how fun and interesting the experience is and how fantastic the results are. Our subjects often feel as though they've discovered something new and magical. The ideas and the images are created as collaborations between the people and Julian. After the event is over, people often change their Facebook profile pictures to a light painted portrait of themselves. We take it as such a compliment and it's fun then seeing the great comments those pictures get. People LOVE this!

Room setupHow are Light Painting Portraits created?

The basic process of light painting is simple to understand. Anyone can do it, but it takes a special talent and years to achieve good results like Julian consistently gets. To light paint, follow these steps...

  1. Make a room dark
  2. Open Shutter on camera
  3. Move lights around the person being photographed
  4. Close shutter
The difference is that Julian gets so many fabulous images and does his work so fast!

FAQ about Light Painting Photos at Your Event

What is needed to do a shoot?

Just provide these simple requirements, we do the rest

How big does the Room or Space need to be?

Good light painting portraits can be taken in a room that’s just 13’ by 15’. That is our recommended size. If the room is especially large, people can come inside and enjoy watching the process of light painting before they are painted themselves.  This is always a crowd pleaser! 

How dark does the Room or Space need to be?

In order to do light painting portraits,we'll need to either have a naturally darkened room, or make a room dark inside. Here are ways we have achieved this in the past.

Various options

Here are some of the options we offer:


We are quite fair and honest. Let us know the type of event/client, the length, the approximate date, and the city it's in. If you have thoughts on which option we should use for making a dark room, that would help determine our quote - the easier it is for us, the easier it is for you. If you do or do not prefer the live slideshow of the images at your event please say so.

Call or email for pricing.