Light Painting by Julian Cash


Jamye Waxman,

Julian Cash has an eye for seeing things in a way that they haven't always (or ever) been seen before. That's what first drew me to his work. On top of that, he is this warm, glowing, energetic and vibrant being. If you're lucky enough to be painted by him, you'll understand just how and why he draws out and captures the incredible personality in each and every one of us.

Andrew Longenecker

Amazing experience! Like no picture I have ever been in before. Julian is super creative and really fun. Highly recommend!

Jessica Cunningham

Being photographed by Julian is super-exciting! You have no idea what's going to happen, but—because he's so sweet and so open that you immediately have the sense that it's going to be great. His ability to connect so kindly and to stay focused on people while he handles the creative and technical aspects of photography is really impressive. Julian makes you feel like a collaborator or a co-conspirator, which is really generous, inspiring, and great fun.

Wendy Goodfriend,

I felt like I was with a shaman working his magic around me - totally clueless about the methodology but curious about the outcome. There was darkness, there was light, there was heat, there was color. And then the magic unfolded to reveal images of me... psychedelic, energetic, electric. I am curious about how it works and I want to do it again!

Wenter Shyu

The light painting with Julian was an awesome experience, that is truly, uniquely unlike any activity at any festival - or anywhere for that matter.