Light Painting by Julian Cash

Laughing Squid Cocktail Party

Everybody loves Laughing Squid! The other night Rusty of Laughing Squid had a little coctail party. It was splendid. I, Julian, took some light painting portraits. If you like these pictures, consider having me take photos at your event or company. It's a blast!

NO special effects NO filters NO digital effects were used to create these images. These images were created in real time in collaboration with the folks at the event. It can be incredibly fun to play with colored lights in the dark.

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Rusty Blazenhoff

Rusty is the Managing Editor @laughingsquid

Rusty Blazenhoff

Scott Beale

Scott is the Founder & Primary Tentacle of Laughing Squid

Scott Beale

Rusty's daughter Scarlett

Rusty's daughter

Chipmunk friends

Chipmunk love

Sexy Kat

Kevin Mathieu

Just after being photographed, people are sometimes taking photos of the LCD display on the back of my camera, as seen here.

Mad Scientist

Googley Eyes

Creator of hrg brg

Googley Eyes


Laughing Squid web hosting guru

Light Painting Fire Power

Rooster dream

Creator of Eat Drink Oakland

Dreaming of a Rooster

Jason Laskodi

Tentacle-In-Arms for Laughing Squid Web Hosting

Tisha Sloan

Laughing Squids newest gang member

Julian & Rusty

Photo by Terry & Julian

Julian and Rusty

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